Local buses within Derby City
Timetables for services in this column are in the "Local Services in the City of Derby" section.

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City Services Interurban Services
Local services Interurban services
Abbey Street V3
Alfreton Road 7.1  9·1  AMB  Y59
Allenton 2/2A/2B  4/4A 70
Allestree Lane Ab/Ag 114
Allestree Village 17A 6·1  6·2  6·3  6·4
Alvaston 1/1A  4A  F1 73  SKY
Arleston Lane 7  38
Arnhem Terrace 9/9A  i4
Ashbourne Road 5  9 SWI
Beaufort Street 24
Bembridge Drive 1/1A  F1
Birchover Way Ab/Ag
Bishops Drive 22/24  26
Blagreaves Lane 5/5A
Blenheim Drive Ab/Ag
Boulton Lane Estate 1/1A  F1
Boyer Street 5/5A
Brackens Lane 1/1A
Brackensdale Avenue 8
Bracknell Drive 1/1A
Breadsall Hilltop H1  Y1
Breedon Avenue 5/5A
Brentford Drive 9
Brisbane Road Mb/Mg
Broadway 17A 17
Browning Street 5/5A
Burton Road 35  HQ  ROY V3
Canterbury Street 22/24
Cardigan Street 22/24
Carlton Road 5/5A
Cavendish 4/4A  7
Caxton Street 5/5A
Chaddesden 20  22/24  26 9/9A  11  BC  i4  IGO  Y5
Chaddesden Lane 11  BC
Chaddesden Park Road 26
Chellaston 2/2A/2B 70
Chester Green 7.1  9·1  9·3  AMB  H1  Y1  Y59
Church Lane (Darley Abbey) 17A 17
Coleridge Street 5/5A
Crayford Road 1/1A  F1
Crewton 1/1A
Dairyhouse Road 38
Darley Abbey Village 17A 17
Deep Dale Lane 38
Derby Commercial Park 4A 73
Donington Drive 5
Douglas Street 38
Duffield Road 6·1  6·2  6·3  6·4
East Avenue Mb/Mg
Elvaston Lane 1/1A
Fellow Lands Way 2A/2B
Field Lane 1/1A  F1
Finchley Avenue 8
Ford Lane 17
Friargate 8  9 SWI
Grampian Way 7  38
Hartland Drive 5A
Harvey Road 4/4A
Haven Baulk Lane 35
Heatherton village HQ
Henley Green 8  9
Hereford Road 22/24
Holborn Drive 8
Holbrook Road 1/1A  F1
Hollybrook Way HQ
Huntley Avenue SFb/SFg
Kedleston Road 6  Ab/Ag 114
Keldholme Lane 1/1A
Kelmoor Road 1/1A
King Street 6  Ab/Ag 6·1  6·2  6·3  6·4  114
Ladybank Road Mb/Mg
Lambourn Drive 17
Lexington Road 20
Littleover 5/5A  35 V3
Littleover Lane 5/5A
Locko Road SFb/SFg
London Road 1/1A  F1 73  SKY
London Rd. Community Hosp. 1/1A  ROY 73  SKY
Lyttelton Street 8
Mackworth Estate 8  9 SWI
Maine Drive 20
Manor Road ROY
Mansfield Road H1  Y1
Maple Drive 2B
Markeaton 9 SWI
Matlock Road 22/24
Max Road 22/24  26
Meteor Centre D1 H1  Y1  Y59
Mickleover 35  Mb/Mg V1
Mileash Lane 17A 17
Mill Hill Lane 5/5A
Morley Road 11  BC
Normanton Lane 5/5A
Normanton Road 4/4A  7
Nottingham Road 20  22/24  26 9/9A  11  BC  i4  IGO  Y5
Oaklands Avenue 5/5A  7
Oakwood 22/24  26
Osmaston Park Road 4/4A
Osmaston Road 2/2A/2B  38
Park Farm Ab/Ag
Pastures Hill HQ V3
Pear Tree Road 4/4A  7
Perth Street 22/24
Pride Park 4/4A  F1  P&R
Prince Charles Avenue 8  9
Radbourne Lane 9
Radford Street 1/1A
Railway Station (front) 1/1A  6 73  114  SKY
Raynesway 73
Reginald Road South 20
Roosevelt Avenue 20
Royal Derby Hospital 5/5A  Mb/Mg  
St.Albans Road 5A
St. Chad’s Road 5/5A
St.Thomas’ Road 38
Sancroft Road SFb/SFg
Sanderson Road 20
Sandringham Drive SFb/SFg
Scarborough Rise 22/24
Shardlow Road F1 73  SKY
Shelton Lock 2/2A/2B 70
Sinfin 7  38
Sinfin Avenue 2B
Sinfin Lane 38
Sitwell Street (Spondon) SFb/SFg 9/9A  IF  Y3
Slack Lane 8
Smalley Drive 26
Spondon Village SFb/SFg 9/9A  IF  Y3
Springwood Drive 26
Station Road (Mickleover) Mb/Mg
Stenson Road 7
Sunny Grove 20
Sunny Hill 5/5A  7
Sussex Circus 22/24
Taddington Road 22/24
University (Kedleston Road) 4  5  6  Ab/Ag
Upperdale Road 4/4A  7
Uttoxeter New Road 5  Mb/Mg V1
Uttoxeter Old Road 8
Uttoxeter Road 35  Mb/Mg V1
Village Street 5/5A
Warren Street 1/1A
Waterford Drive 9/9A
Wayfaring Road 22/24  26
West Bank Road Ab/Ag
Western Road (Mickleover) Mb/Mg
Willowcroft Road SFb/SFg 9/9A
Wilmorton 1/1A  F1 73  SKY
Wiltshire Road 22/24
Woodlands Road Ab/Ag
Wood Road 22/24  26
WragleyWay 38
Wyvern Park 4A  P&R